Commercial Brick Waterproofing

Ensure your commercial property's brick remains in excellent condition.

Brick—it’s not just your property’s stylish armor against fire and weather in Des Moines; it’s also eco-friendly and value-boosting. Yet, replacing it can burn a hole in your wallet, and mortar woes are no joke!

Enter Tony Ekman Painting LLC., your brick-saving superheroes. Our premium waterproofing solutions shield your brick from the elements. Don’t wait for cracks and mortar mishaps—waterproof now and safeguard your investment with the pros who know bricks best!

How it works:

Let’s chat about waterproofing wizardry for your property! Commercial brick buildings deserve the royal treatment to keep them looking mighty fine. At Tony Ekman Painting LLC., our squad of skilled craftsmen are primed to deliver lightning-fast, budget-friendly sealing and waterproofing solutions.

Hey there, Des Moines, Johnston, Ankeny, Waukee, Clive, and neighbors! 

Don’t let your bricks feel left out—grab an estimate today and let’s make them waterproof wonders. Dial Tony Ekman Painting LLC. at 515-971-3334 and let the magic begin!

Brick Waterproofing ~ Frequently Asked Questions

To kick things off, give your brick a good scrub with a thorough pressure wash, ensuring it’s bone dry before moving on to the next step.

Now comes the fun part—choosing your sealant adventure! You’ve got three options: paint, surface sealers, and penetrating sealers. Paint is the budget-friendly choice, but it masks the natural charm of your brick. Plus, it requires regular touch-ups like any exterior paint job.

Surface sealers step up the game with a clear finish that lasts longer and demands less upkeep than paint. They sit atop the brick, providing a shield without diving into its pores.

For the gold standard in brick protection, look no further than penetrating sealers. Yes, they’re a bit pricier, but they penetrate deep into the brick’s pores, offering unmatched durability and longevity—up to 30 years! Just be sure to pick a brand that lets your brick breathe, or you might end up with a moisture mess on your hands.