Commercial Deck & Hardwood Refinishing

Preserve the beauty and longevity of your wood surfaces.

Restaurants, apartments, and businesses in Des Moines rely on the allure of a well-maintained deck to elevate their brand. While hardwood floors get all the attention, other wooden surfaces like fences, doors, windows, and cabinets also deserve some TLC.

Regular upkeep not only prevents wear and tear but also adds to their aesthetic appeal. Whether it’s painting, staining, or sealing, we’ve got the solutions to keep your wood looking fabulous. Plus, with cutting-edge commercial painting products, we’ll ensure your wood stays vibrant, no dulling or yellowing in sight!

Count on the professionals at Tony Ekman Painting LLC. to keep your wooden wonders in top-notch shape. Give us a ring at 515-971-3334 today!

Setting the Stage

While some contractors offer rough estimates, at Tony Ekman Painting LLC., we ensure transparency and reliability—no surprises, just straightforward pricing.

Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Scheduling: Our wood refinishing teams are skilled and efficient, delivering high-quality results in record time.
  • Prep Work: We prioritize meticulous prep work before applying paint, stain, or sealant. Our experts carefully assess every detail to guarantee top-notch results.
  • Clean-Up: At Tony Ekman Painting LLC., we take pride in our cleanliness. We keep our work area spotless and complete a thorough clean-up promptly after finishing your wood refinishing project.

We’ve worked our magic on wood surfaces all over Des Moines, transforming even the most neglected ones into stunning showpieces. Ready to witness the makeover? Schedule an estimate with the ultimate wood refinishing team in Des Moines today!

Deck & Wood Refinishing ~ Frequently Asked Questions

The frequency varies depending on the sealant type. Premium sealants can endure for several years, while standard ones typically last around a year. If your deck appears dull, faded, or shows visible scratches, it might be time to consider sealing it.

Paint, being non-breathable, can trap moisture within the wood, accelerating decay. Alternatively, a solid color stain penetrates the wood, enabling it to breathe while shielding against UV rays.

Some argue that paint can endure for up to a decade, whereas a fresh coat of deck stain should be applied every 2-3 years.

  • Remove any loose paint by scraping or sanding
  • Remove any loose substrate
  • Clean the deck with soap and water to remove dirt and debris
  • Repair any loose or damaged boards
  • Sand rough edges for a smooth finish
  • Apply a good quality wood primer
  • Let the wood dry for at least 24 hours before painting