Commercial Concrete Staining

Transform dull concrete into a stunning and long-lasting masterpiece

Revamp your concrete with Tony Ekman Painting LLC.’s top-notch staining services, the ultimate choice for turning mundane concrete into a stunning spectacle throughout Des Moines. With our staining services, business owners can effortlessly refresh pool decks, patios, or garage floors, leaving clients and customers thoroughly impressed.

Not only cost-effective but also incredibly resilient, our commercial concrete staining services outshine other decorative flooring options. Whether it’s horizontal walkways or vertical surfaces, we’ve got you covered.

Utilizing polymers and additives, we craft flawless finishes that enhance durability on various surfaces. Some stains even employ reactive chemicals, permanently sealing the surface for easy maintenance and a sleek, non-porous finish. Choose from a myriad of styles, ranging from marble-like elegance to captivating geometric patterns.

Why opt for concrete staining?

Spruce up your floors with concrete staining—adding flair while offering a durable, hassle-free surface, perfect for bustling commercial spaces.

Our stains dive deep into the concrete, locking in vibrant, fade-resistant hues that won’t flake or fade, delivering a budget-friendly solution for busy spots.

In Des Moines, each staining project kicks off with a meticulous inspection of your concrete, followed by meticulous prep work to guarantee flawless adhesion and rich color penetration.

Armed with top-tier stains and cutting-edge gear, our team works their magic to coat your floors with a seamless finish, leaving them looking fabulously refreshed.

Concrete Staining ~ Frequently Asked Questions

Before applying any concrete stain:
  • Strip and remove all previous sealers, paints, adhesives and coatings.
  • Clean the surface thoroughly.
  • For acid concrete stain, use a concrete etch and cleaner to prepare the surface and rinse well. Do not use muriatic acid to clean. It will destroy minerals which produce the color range of the stain selected.
  • For water-based stain use dish soap and water to clean the surface. Degreaser and neutralizer diluted in a 4 to 1 ratio is ideal for removing oil spots.
  • Finally rinse the concrete well.
If the concrete surfaces are too smooth or dense to absorb water, they’ll need mechanical sanding to roughen up the surface and allow the stain to penetrate.

Opting for stain over paint offers a significant advantage: while paint merely coats the surface, stain penetrates concrete, leading to longer-lasting results.

The timeline for completing a concrete staining project varies based on the area’s size and the complexity of the task, typically ranging from 2 to 4 days.

While the staining itself is swift, the preparation and drying stages contribute to the overall project duration.