Commercial Awning Painting

keep your business looking sleek

A stunning awning on your commercial property is like a beacon, drawing the gaze of potential customers. Yet, in Des Moines and its neighboring towns, the elements can be harsh, causing awnings to lose their luster. By painting and repairing any damage, you’re not just sprucing up your property—you’re showing that your business pays attention to the finer points.

An Investment Worth Keeping

For numerous commercial property owners around Des Moines, awnings are the gift that keeps on giving. Yet, the price tag on a new one? Yikes! Before you pull out your wallet, consider this: your trusty awning might just need a little TLC in the form of a fresh coat of paint.

Sure, saying goodbye to a rusty metal awning sounds tempting, but trust us, it’s a rabbit hole of time-consuming hassle and potentially pricey repairs. And let’s face it, swapping it for a basic cloth version just won’t have that same wow factor your customers adore. Instead, why not give it a makeover?

At Tony Ekman Painting LLC. in Des Moines, we’re here to rescue your awning from drab to fab. With the right colors and finishes, we’ll make your storefront shine brighter than a neon sign on Broadway. So, before you ditch and replace, give us a shout. It’s just good business to invest in your awning’s allure!

Metal Awning Painting ~ Frequently Asked Questions

Use an oil-based paint over a premium primer. We suggest using two coats of paint. You’ll want to wait until the first coat of paint is completely dry to the touch before applying the second coat of paint.

A premium primer designed for painting metal such as Rust-Oleum is the best choice for an outdoor metal awning. After gently sanding the metal surface with a 180-grit sandpaper apply the primer with a few thin coats. Allow each primer coat to dry completely before applying the next coat.

After detaching, use a wire brush to remove stubborn dirt and areas where the metal has corroded. Patch any small holes with a metal patching compound such as Alvin metal repair putty. Allow the putty to fully cure before proceeding. Once the putty is dry, lightly sand the entire surface with 180 grit sandpaper.

Use a rust treatment or other metal cleaner made to treat rust to thoroughly clean the surface. Then your metal awning is ready for painting.