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Let’s kick off with a complimentary and detailed estimate, making sure you’re in the know about costs and the game plan.

From the get-go to the final walk-through, our focus on timeliness and flexibility ensures a smooth ride to project completion. We’re all about professionalism and dotting every ‘i’, giving you a top-notch experience from start to finish. Our status as Des Moines’ go-to house painter and the surrounding areas is cemented by the sheer joy our clients feel as they see their homes sparkle with new life.”

Our Residential Interior Painting Services include:

We’re experts at saving the day when DIY projects go awry or when other contractors leave behind unfinished business, offering homeowners a much-needed peace of mind. Imagine the delight of finally achieving the perfect look and vibe for your space with our expert assistance.

If you’re after top-notch painting that not only elevates your home but also your spirits, schedule your free estimate today. Let’s uncover the joy of a beautifully painted home together!”

Our Residential Painting Process

Consultation and Free Quote:

We start with an in-depth consultation, where we tune in to your needs and dive into your project vision. You'll also receive a complimentary quote customized to fit your needs and budget.

Painting Preparation:

Our skilled team meticulously cleans, sands, and primes the surfaces, guaranteeing superb adhesion and a flawless final result.

Utilizing High Quality Materials:

By prioritizing quality, we not only deliver exceptional results but also guarantee the longevity and durability of our work.

Efficient Clean-up:

Using top-notch cleaning agents and methods, we ensure that any drips and debris are swiftly eliminated, leaving behind nothing but impeccably painted surfaces.

Final Inspection:

At this crucial phase, we meticulously scrutinize each painted surface to guarantee that the outcome aligns with our stringent criteria for quality and craftsmanship.

Residential Painting Projects ~ Frequently Asked Questions

Semi-gloss or satin finishes usually work best for kitchens because of their durability and ease of cleaning. They’re resistant to moisture, grease, and stains, making them perfect for the busy and often messy atmosphere of a kitchen.

or textured walls, it’s recommended to use matte or eggshell finish paint. Glossy paint can make the texture appear harsh and overpower your room’s decor. Matte paint provides a more subtle look that harmonizes with other room features. To achieve the best result, apply matte paint with a “high-nap” or “fluffy” roller brush.

To remove wallpaper, lightly moisten the paper with a spray bottle or damp sponge. Use hot water mixed with a small amount of fabric softener (about 1/4 cup per gallon of hot water) in the spray bottle. Start at the top left corner and work your way down, lightly saturating one section of the wallpaper at a time.

Lighter shades like white or off-white are commonly suggested for ceilings as they can enhance the feeling of spaciousness and openness in a room. These hues also reflect light effectively, adding brightness to the space and fostering an airy atmosphere.

The number of layers needed for wall painting varies based on factors like paint color, wall condition, and paint quality. Typically, two coats suffice for complete coverage and an even appearance. Yet, darker colors or walls with flaws may benefit from an extra layer for the best outcome.